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Day 2 – Way Too Early

May 2, 2009

Day 2 – 7:50 a.m.

We ended really late last night just to wake up today at 5 am.  Brent had some car trouble but it didn’t send us behind much at all.  All of us are on an average of 3 hours of sleep but its nothing Dunkin’ Donuts coffee can’t solve.   Leighton and Kali are planning out the shots for today right now.  Cast call is currently 11 a.m. but our supporting actor is coming all the way from Maryland.  We sure hope he’s on time.

Here are some of the remaining photos from the shoot last night.

Late Night Update

May 2, 2009

Little over schedule right now. We are at Irving Avenue trying to get our last shot for the day. Leighton is having trouble setting up the jib in the dark, Im sure he can figure it out.
Its hard working late but everyone is going to be working double time tomorrow for our big day! Morale is still high and everyone is still working hard!