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B&W Production Stills

June 5, 2009

Here are just some black and white production stills.  Just got them back from the lab, some are pretty interesting, hope you enjoy.

Thats All Folks!

May 4, 2009

Day 3 – 11:30 p.m.
We finally wrapped. All ofthe actor’s have wrapped on time and we left the location around 11. Thanks to Eileen and the Cosenzo clan for letting us use their house for the weekend!
Now the crew can sit back, relax and start working on Post Production!

But first, hanging at Cryan’s in S.O.!


Crunch Time

May 3, 2009

Day 3 -7:50 p.m.
We are trying to wrap by 9 as planned. Naim has been giving us his best all weekend long, the least we can do is get him out at a reasonable hour.
Everything has been going well and the crew is working hard but the crew has been working double time to wrap by nine. We hope we do!
This will be the last posting before we wrap. I’ll post another when we do.


The Final Day

May 3, 2009

Day 3 – 10:30 a.m.

Sorry for not putting up a posting last night, we did finally wrap at 10:30 p.m.  We did wake up early but the crew wanted a hearty breakfast.  We decided to eat at the Verona Diner before arriving at location.

Things are still well on track and we really look forward to wrapping on pricincipal photography today.  Derek McAlister and Malika Abdul-Zahir have just arrived for their rehearsal. The two play the “Mother” and “Father” characters and Kali is anxious to start shooting on the final day.

Also, here are some photos from last night before we wrapped on Shango.


Almost There!

May 3, 2009

Day 2 – 9:45 p.m.
Shango has officially wrapped! It’s amazing how an 8 year old can work for 10 hours and give out such an incredible performance!
The day has yet to end though, Naim has a couple of more shots. I’ll put up another posting once we wrap!


Sets By Teri!

May 2, 2009

Day 2 – 5:30 p.m.

This is just short and simple.  Here are some of the shots Teri took of the set she has designed.  Is there a better word than amazing?  Please let me know!


Day 2 – Lunch Update

May 2, 2009

Day 2 – 5:15 p.m.

Ok lunch break has given me the time to keep everyone posted!  We had really fallen behind schedule around 1:00 p.m.  Kali is extremely detail oriented and wants to make sure his film is perfect.  We are more than sure this film will be perfect but the entire crew (including myself) had lost track of time completely!

Brent being a great Assistant Director had gotten the crew back on track!  Owen and I have been overlooking some of the footage so far and even with a barebones equipment list, Leighton is still able to pull off professional quality images.

Lunch is about to end and everyone needs to get back to work!  Surprisingly, people haven’t fallen asleep while working since the average sleep time for the crew has been about 3 hours.  Check back again!


Cast Is Here!

May 2, 2009

Day 2 – 11:25 a.m.

Our primary cast has just arrived on time!  Brent (Asst. Dir.) has been running through lines for 20 minutes.  Shooting is still on schedule for 12:00 p.m.  Photos of the cast in full wardrobe will be up soon!  Kali, Teri, Jon, and Leighton are completing the last details on the bedroom which looks fantastic already!  Teri has done an excellent job as Art Director!

Owen is transferring all of our footage from last night.  Even without an assistant, Leighton has been on point.  Our crew is the perfect example of diligence, hard work, and unity.

Our philosophy of the day is brought to us by filmmaker David Lynch who wrote, “I’d like to say: I deeply love film; I love catching the ideas; and I love to meditate.  I love enlivening unity.  And I think the enlivening of unity brings a better and better life.”  Perfect for our crew!  Even though we are on only 3 hours of sleep, we continue to strive on!  Still have a long day ahead of us, check back for more!


Late Night Update

May 2, 2009

Little over schedule right now. We are at Irving Avenue trying to get our last shot for the day. Leighton is having trouble setting up the jib in the dark, Im sure he can figure it out.
Its hard working late but everyone is going to be working double time tomorrow for our big day! Morale is still high and everyone is still working hard!


Great Planning/Busy Is Good

May 1, 2009

Day 1 – 3:13 p.m.

We fell a little behind schedule with Leighton and I picking up our equipment.  Traffic in New York City is awful.  Thank god we we gave ourselves a lot of extra time for prep.  While we were out, the remaining crew set up the room for tomorrow.

Even with the extra time the crew has been staying busy, covering every single aspect of today and tomorrow.  Owen and I have been doing scheduling and logistical work, making sure every mistake can be repaired.

Derek McAlister came in to rehearse for Sunday’s shoot.  Kali says “He’s just an amazing actor.”  Kudos to Brent for pointing us to

Everything is still on schedule, I’ll keep you posted!